Founded in 2010 Gartner Lewin is a London based luxury interior design practice specialising in interior architecture and design. They have built up a reputation of creating stunning, individual interiors and spaces for high end residential properties both in the UK & abroad.

Spearheaded by Shelagh Gartner Lewinsohn, her knowledge and expertise has been gained through working in the luxury residential interior design sector internationally for over 13 years.

Since completing a specialist interior design degree it is evident that her field is truly her passion. Shelagh has an appreciation for all eras and styles of design and an admiration for various cultural influences; allowing her to tap into different approaches for each of her clients.

“My philosophy is to create timeless and elegant spaces that maximise the potential of a property, whilst being mindful and designing for 21st Century living. This ideology develops from deep understanding of my clients aspirations, a true appreciation for varying architectural and interior styles, along with in-depth understanding of the constraints of light, proportions, space, flow and environment.

My vision for each client is never the same as the last or the next, individuality within personal spaces is imperative for identity. The result is an interior that tells a story and most importantly reflects the client’s footprint in life… a successful interior should enhance not dictate the way you live.”


Gartner Lewin’s team comprises of dedicated and talented interior designers and architects with expertise across the UK and abroad.

Shelagh and her team offer an exclusive and personal service that will guide you through the process from concept through to completion. Each member of the team is passionate about what they do and are committed to creating the best experience possible to make your perfect home a reality.

Creating the right function and flow is essential in making a house a beautiful home.

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